Welcome to Independents Liverpool Biennial

The Independents 08 strand of the Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art is the art world equivalent of a festival fringe, an independent mix of exhibitions, live art, performances, interventions and happenings which occupy and emerge from galleries and spread across the city into every available space; the streets, markets, shops, bars, parks and churches. The Independents are not themed, categorised or centrally curated by the city’s institutions. They exist on their own terms, doing their own thing, looking for attention, dialogue and interaction.

The Independents involves the largest number of artists and curators during the Biennial with over 170 exhibitions and events and over 250 artists in more than 70 venues. Independents invites you to immerse yourself in the underground, take a chance on the rising stars and glory in the experimental. Cross the tracks and seek out the new and exciting variety of art amongst the many studios, galleries and individuals who make up Independents Liverpool Biennial 08. This website and corresponding guide is your passport to the Independents 08.