Graphic Design Overview

Graphic design is a process of problem-solving and visual communication using the design elements of typography, imagery, iconography and typestyle. The term graphic design is sometimes used interchangeably with visual communication design and visual design, however, in some instances the term “visual design” is also used synonymously with graphic design. The difference between the two is that graphic design involves drawing, while visual design often deals with the artistic aspects of design (the use of colors and images). Visual design involves all of the technical aspects of graphic design, such as using type, layout, images, and typestyles that are designed to promote a specific message, or to increase information and/or sales, for example.


A professional designer can create an attractive, easy-to-read, user-friendly website, and he/she will be responsible for developing the content and visual design for that website. Many website owners are unable to keep their websites updated and search engines may not recognize older versions. A professional web designer can help to create this consistency. It is important to hire a professional because you want someone who will be able to create a visually appealing website. This is especially true if you are not familiar with this type of design. It is a good idea to have a professional give you his/her opinion on your website.

The most basic design job is just text and images. A professional web designer will create a website that uses typography to convey information, and this will involve creating a site that looks like an article or an e-mail template. There are many different types of website templates and designs and they are created by professional designers. An example of a template is what is known as a “feed” or “joomla.” A feed allows the user to read content in a continuous stream while keeping their attention focused on the main information on the page. This type of design helps people get the most out of the information that they are trying to find. For example, instead of having to scroll down from one message to another, the information will flow smoothly, without the user feeling like they are being forced to read every last bit of content.