Scousers Who Changed The World Beyond Liverpool

Liverpool is home to many famous people, and a city with such a diverse range of cultures, history, and heritage is a perfect example of this. Listed below are the most famous people from Liverpool, as well as some interesting facts about their lives. One example is Noel Chavasse who was the city’s most famous war hero. His medals are on display at the Museum of Liverpool until 5 January 2018.

Steven Gerrard

Known for his role as Liverpool’s football club captain, current Rangers manager and former England captain Steven Gerrard. Gerrard achieved multiple league wins with his team at Liverpool as well as some UEFA player of the year trophies in his football career. An inspiration in Liverpool as a player he is now continuing his career in Scotland as a manager for the Glasgow football club, Rangers. Gerrard married actress Alex Curran in 2007 and has two sons.

Bessie Margaret Braddock

The British Labour Party elected Bessie Margaret Braddock as its first female MP in the post-war election. She was the mother of Mary ‘Ma’ Bamber, who later became an independent MP. She was initially a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain, but later disaffiliated from the party for political reasons. Braddock later married John ‘Jack’ Braddock, an engineer, and the couple were married in 1934.

John Lennon

The Beatles are an iconic group from Liverpool. John Lennon was born on October 9, 1940, in Liverpool. The co-leader of the band grew up in a poor family and was involved in the skiffle craze during his teenage years. He later formed the Quarrymen, which became the Beatles in 1960. Sometimes called “the smart Beatle”, Lennon was the de facto leader of the band for several years, but gradually handed over leadership to his brother Paul. Lennon is also known as the author of two nonsense writing collections and collaborations with Yoko Ono.

George Harrison

A man from Liverpool, George Harrison was arguably the most famous person from Liverpool. The Beatles and the Rolling Stones were influenced by him, and their music is one of the most popular in history. But he also had a personal connection to the city. He was born in Liverpool in 1932, and grew up in the same neighborhood as his mother and father. A fan of the Beatles and Rolling Stones, Harrison was a fixture in the city’s music scene.

Ringo Starr

Born in 1940, Ringo Starr was raised in Liverpool, England. His parents were confectioners who split up when he was a small boy. He spent his childhood battling various illnesses, including pleurisy and an appendix that burst at age six. His mother took up barmaid and housecleaning jobs after the divorce, and his parents never reconciled. After he was released from the sanatorium, Ringo was introduced to drumming and started performing at the age of 13.