Studio Space Guide

If you want to make a personalised studio space for your art outlets but you aren’t sure where to begin, then this is the post for you!

Own Art Space

We know that it can be tricky finding or setting up your own art space, and not everyone will have lots of space on hand to transform into the studio of their dreams, however we want to show you that it is still possible even with limited space.

There is nothing worse than being held back by not having a nice space in which to be creative, so we have come up with some ideas to show you that anywhere can be an art studio.

Ok first up is space management, and we think that one of the best ways you can do this is to divide up a room using a screen, or even just some furniture.

woman painting in the nature

You can also take over the corner of a room or squeeze into a closet and use that as your own personal art space.

We absolutely love garage art spaces, but not everyone has a garage, especially if they live in a city.

But we have heard stories of people speaking to friends, family and even neighbours to see if they can make use of an empty garage or space.

Next up is tables, and this one can be important if you like to sit and perform your art.

You can find old furniture and tables at second hand stores and make that an art project itself, transforming it into your perfect art table.

You can also get old pallets and stack them or break them up to make rustic art tables that look great after a lick of paint.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to take your work outside.

Go outside and paint in the park or other public space, it is very rewarding and you can find inspiration almost anywhere.