How Technology Has Helped Grow Tourism In Liverpool

Liverpool is a city steeped in rich history and culture that attracts people from all over the world. Thanks to the use of new technologies as well as marketing campaigns increasing numbers of people from across the world are choosing to visit Liverpool. Part of the reason for this is the City’s overall appeal as well as the friendly and welcoming nature of the people that live, work and grow up in this city.

In 2016 research showed that there had been a marked increase in the number of people visiting Liverpool overall. This is thanks to marketing as well as new technologies encouraging people to visit the city. This article will look at what techniques and methods were used to help encourage people to visit Liverpool overall as well as external factors that may have influenced people.

Why Visit Liverpool?

There are different reasons for different people to visit Liverpool. One of the most common reasons for visiting Liverpool is football. Football has been part of the culture there for over a century and Liverpool fc is an iconic club within the premier league as well as footballing history overall.

Liverpool fc is known across the world and has a massive fanbase which is part of the reason why Anfield stadium  makes such a popular visitor attraction overall.  Another key reason why people may want to visit Liverpool is the many attractions and events dotted around the city.

Liverpool cathedral makes a great stop for finding more out about the overall history and culture of the city.  As well as the cathedral there are also a wide number of museums available from the maritime museum to the world museum. 

How Has Technology/ Marketing Had An Influence?

There are a variety of different ways in which technology and marketing has had an influence overall. One of the most notable ways in which technology has influenced visitor numbers is online advertising.

Liverpool tourism campaigns have been boosted significantly by online advertising. This is because when people are searching for Liverpool or related Liverpool searches they are more likely to see adverts about visiting the city of Liverpool overall. 

Thanks to these adverts there has been an increase in engagement with people visiting the tourism website for Liverpool as well as enquiring about travelling to Liverpool

The Effects Of Marketing

One of the ways in which liverpool was effectively marketed was through the use of search engine optimisation (SEO) This process is conducted in order to improve overall search presence  in the major search engine e.g Google.

Essentially in order to enhance SEO links need to be built about the Liverpool tourism website as well as linking back to it so that it is valued as higher value information overall and placed higher in the search results. 

Thanks to the rapid growth of the website and sharing of articles about Liverpool the official website has over two hundred thousand links which means that it is highly visible to those searching for Liverpool overall. This undoubtedly has led to the marked increase in the number of people visiting Liverpool overall.