The New Breed Of Art Events

Art Events is a mixture of art lovers, artists and collectors in one place. The Art Event UK is a regular fixture in Liverpool. It is held every year between the months of August and September. The aim of this international art event is to bring together art lovers, dealers and art collectors from all over the world. This is a unique chance to combine the visual arts with a forum for discussions on art.

Enjoying A Different Cultural Experience

For a truly cultural experience and to discover the treasures of the British art world there is nothing like visiting the National Museum. The museum houses some of the world’s most prominent collections, including dinosaur bones, mummies, Indian paintings and coral reefs. The National Museum has been a centre of attraction since the dawn of the industrial revolution and was home to a steam railway, a sloop-riggers and an Indian Ocean liner. The art events in Liverpool also feature art exhibitions. Many galleries have special programmes designed to coincide with art events, with the likes of the Victoria and Albert Museum, Tate Modern and Tate Britain all featuring regular guest speakers and key guests at their venues.

During the month of September the Liverpool International Festival of Theatre comes to life. Over twenty theatre companies take part in the festival running across the three venues, with over two hundred tickets sold each day. The venues feature most major artistic talent from around the world, along with local talent and some lesser known artists. This is a chance for art enthusiasts to get a glimpse of some of the best current work from both national and worldwide talent. For those wanting to see the festival in its greatest glory there is also the option to catch the matinee on a day when it does not run.

Art Fairs In Liverpool

Another major art fair in Liverpool this year is the Berlin Biennale. With the summer holidays behind us many people are looking forward to exploring the many different venues and exhibition spaces that are taking place in Germany. Visitors can enjoy the contemporary arts and culture exhibition which run alongside the traditional fairs at the same time. Each day brings something new and different to the visitors, whilst also being treated to some of the finest food and wine. In the months leading up to the fair the exhibition area will be transformed into a festival, with street performers and local artisans performing on the numerous stages. Throughout the year other popular attractions will include an evening music festival, Berlin German Theater and the Brandenburger Museum.

London based art and culture organisations are getting excited about the prospects for the future. They have launched a new strategy to increase their visibility and improve the relationships between their members and their clients, in order to increase membership numbers and create a more vibrant, engaging and varied visitor experience. This new groundbreaking strategy has seen many of these organisations creating new websites with interactive galleries, allowing visitors to interact directly with the art and culture content. This is truly going to be the new wave of art events and with such a large concentration on the East End of London this is a dream come true for artists and art lovers alike.

Changes In London 2021

The 2021 London art and culture season is set to kick off with a major exhibition titled ‘code art fair’. This major art and cultural exhibition will take place right in the heart of London in the famous Southhall in London. The code art fair will feature works from across London and its neighbouring regions, including Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton and the West Midlands. The London art scene is set to get a further boost with the first major art Basel Congress, taking place in June. This congress is a key gathering in the international art world and will feature work from all over the world including the UK.