VHS to Digital Conversion Can Future Proof Your Videos

In a time when technology is advancing at a faster rate than ever before, it is getting increasingly important to make sure your files are around for the foreseeable future.  This week we looked at some of the ways in which data storage has changed and continues to change even now.  We found that even digital formats are becoming obsolete, especially those proprietary formats that are hard to share with others.  As data storage becomes more and more accessible and shareable, we have to be careful that our important files do not become obsolete and can never be recovered.  Many artists like to explore different mediums and formats in the creative process, such as analogue audio tapes and VHS cassettes.  For artists, VHS to digital conversion becomes important for saving and sharing their work with the world.

VHS to digital

How Does VHS to Digital Conversion Work?

Most professional conversion services out there have specialist equipment in the form of an all in one DVD/VHS combo unit.  This machine makes the conversion process easy and automated, meaning they can do as many as they want.  The operator simply has to insert a blank DVD into the player and hit record and away it goes.  Some conversion services may also use separate machines with cables connecting them and a little bit more set up is required.  Many professional converters also use the VHS to computer conversion method so that files can be shared or uploaded to the cloud straight away.  This last method is a little bit more involved and requires special software in order to use it.  Regardless of the method for VHS to digital conversion, the process is the same and generally has to be done in real time in order to capture the analogue VHS tape.

VHS to digital

Who Can Use Tape to Digital Conversion Services?

Anyone can use this process to save old memories from obsoletion.  If you have old home videos for the time before smart phones and digital cameras, these memories most likely sit in a box somewhere, rarely used due to the fact that it is time consuming to sift through and watch these tapes.  You might have old wedding footage that you cherish but wish you had saved on your phone or computer so that it is there to view whenever you feel like it.  As mentioned, perhaps you are an artist like a lot of the people reading this blog, and you may use various mediums in your creative process.  Therefore, lots of people can use VHS to digital conversion for a number of different reasons and outcomes.


The Creative Process

Analogue mediums are valuable because of their ability to add certain textures and effects to the source material.  Many people swear by the warm sound that a record possesses, and the grainy texture that tape can add to video can be useful for a number of different artists.  For this reason, tape is making a huge comeback and many people have adopted this format in their work.  When they need to digitalise their work, that is when the services of a conversion company are needed.