All You Need to Know about This Year’s Independents Biennial

The Independents Biennial is the sister festival to the Liverpool Biennial. Both events run simultaneously, hosting both the cities new and tenured artists. Two hundred artists and over two hundred and fifty art pieces will emerge throughout the city of Liverpool for the 20th year of this event. The festival runs from 14th July to 28th of October celebrating grassroots and up and coming artists. Locations of installations will be art galleries, free-to-enter public sites and reclaimed venues such as George Henry Lee’s department store, St John’s market and 100 Seel Street. The aim of this festival is to bring the people together through love and enjoyment of art.

Street Art from the Independents Biennial

Special Events

Artists at all points in their careers are welcomed to the Independents Biennial, but of course, there will be special guests and performances featured at specific locations. In particular, 2018 will shed light upon independent visual arts, with various exhibitions and performances scheduled throughout the four months. The key venues for special commissions are Williamson Art Gallery, Rimrose Valley in Sefton, and St Helens town centre. Intentionally, this year’s Independents Biennial aims to change the way people see art and offer fresh ideas on how art is made and how it is used. This will be achieved by placing art in unsuspecting places.

Artists of the 2018 Independents Biennial

As previously mentioned, there will be artists at all stages in their careers involved in the production and executions of installations through this year’s event. Having a strong mix of artists in terms of age, tenure, genre, style, and gender offers many exciting opportunities. For example, it allows newer artists the chance to share their art with the public, far beyond their intimate friends and family, and school. Also, this city-wide art event lets the public view and experience art from local artists as well as world-renowned artists. In addition, new and experienced artists are able to come together, learn about each other’s works and gain great insight into different styles.

Sculptures from the Independents Biennial

Artist Brigitte Jurack

Brigitte Jurack, a successful sculptor, will create a piece for a new space at the Williamson Art Gallery in Wirral this year. This installation will be focused on multicultural communities, taking inspiration from Oxton Road (one of the most diverse roads in Wirral), this piece will be rich with colours, patterns and textures.

Artist Kate Hodgson

A printing expert, Kate Hodgson, will be hosting a series of pop-up print workshops for the public to participate in. Other artists and local residents are invited to partake in screen printing for bags, t-shirts, posters and tea towels. The workshops are intended to pay homage to the areas industrial history.