Liverpool Biennial Travel Tips

We’ve all been there , unpacking bags on holiday and having the dreaded recreational that you forgot to pack several pieces of important clothes. We believe at liverpool biennial that travelling should be a very low stress activity especially if  its for a holiday. So we have have drawn up an article detailing our best travel tips and what to expect when going abroad.

The Airport

The airport depending on its size and location can strike fear into the heart of even the most experienced traveller. Whenever travelling to your chosen airport its always advisable to leave at least 2 hours before your flight. Normally within half an hour of a flight being due to depart they may start boarding the plane.

In order to prevent delays or being late arriving early is the next best option. Whats more there is normally many restaurants and cafes in the airport that can be used.  Another tip to save you time and stress at the aiport is to check in online via the airlines website. This can save a lot of time and means if you are travelling light you can head straight to security without having to check in at the airport bypassing queues.  Additionally its always worth checking the departures and arrivals board to check if your plane has arrived in yet.

General Travelling tips

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Whenever travelling abroad there will always be issues and encounters that you may face along the way. In order to counter these there are a number of different techniques that can be used:

  • Be street smart- When travelling to foreign countries there will likely always be a risk in capital cities of crime. In order to reduce that risk there are a number of measures that can be undertaken to reduced it. One such method could be described as being street-smart this can be done by learning about the local area from locals as well as not carrying large sums of money in insecure pockets. Pick pockets and muggers often prey on individuals who look like tourists as they are more likely  to have large sums of money.
  • When choosing where to stay try ad choose somewhere which has a good reputation as well as good transport links.
  • Planning ahead with travel is always a good idea. Often there can be delays and this can lead to unnecessary stress and expenditure.
  • Learning a new language can also help to engage peoples language skills and interact with the local public

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Every year the city of Edinburgh hosts the Edinburgh hosts to one of the biggest festivals in the UK known as the fringe festival. Fringe festival typically has a few over a million visits a year and that number is set to rise as more tourists and visitors.  It gained the name shortly after its inception in 1947. The story goes that several performers who were not invited to the fringe continued their acts and performances on the fringe of the festival boundary itself. And so the name Edinburgh Fringe stuck as did the tradition. Now every year thousands of performers descend on Edinburgh to wow crowds with unique skills.