The Use Of Temporary Structures In Arts Festivals

From arts to music and cultural festivals temporary structures are often in the background and very few people really know about where they come from , how they are made and the benefits they can bring. Through this article we will give you further information about the use of temporary structures in art festivals and the advantages they can bring to those that use them.

What Are Temporary Structures?

Temporary structures are buildings that are designed to last for a certain period of time. They are typically setup at events for companies to use. They are normally are used by the catering and events industries and can often be seen at events such as fairs , markets and festivals.

Temporary Structures

Why Choose Temporary Structures For Your Event?

There are a number of reasons as to why temporary structures may be beneficial for your event. Temporary structures often offer a much cheaper alternative to hiring out an existing structure. Additionally new structures provided are now commonly recyclable meaning the whole process is eco-friendly.  Another reason why these types of structures could be beneficial for your event is they can be tailored to a specific type of event. E.g a car show or  large corporate event can have a structure custom made in order to fit the theme or company involved.

Temporary Structures

What Are The Main Benefits ?

  • Can be quickly constructed or deconstructed for an event which can help when working within restrictive deadlines
  • Require very little maintenance
  • Can help your business stand out from the crowd as you can have specially designed structures with a company’s logo or a certain type of theme.
  • Can provide a cheaper alternative to hiring an existing structure out for an event.

Temporary Structures

How Have Temporary Structures Become Popular?

For some people they might associate temporary structures with portacabins at building sites and small huts. However over the years these structures have become much more popular as the sheer number of shapes and sizes they are available in becomes wider knowledge. Large events such as golf tours typically have large tent style structures in addition to entire restaurants and lounges within temporary structures typically built on the course. What is unique about this is they leave very little impact on the ground as they are easy to construct and do not have the same implications as a traditional building. Other high profile events such as fashion shows , airshows and car racing often feature these types of structures.

Overall Conclusions And Findings

To conclude what we have found is that temporary structures often offer unique and creative solutions to event and building issues that need a solution. These forms of structures are very versatile and perfect for events. They can also be utilised for a period of years by small businesses to use as storage or potentially as offices. This sector has seen great growth in the last few years and is likely to only gain in popularity as time goes on.  As more and more events take place across the world structures are likely to become  more widespread and unique to meet that demand.