Why Liverpudlians Personalities Define Our City

Being a Liverpudlian is a source of immense pride for millions around the world. There is a community spirit amongst the people of Liverpool which you certainly do not get in any other city across Britain. Everything about us Scousers is unique. From our identity, accent and way of life we are truly one of a kind and this demonstrates the crucial role which our personalities have on shaping the nature of this beautiful city of ours.


Sources Of Passion

Scousers are passionate of many things, but none more so than our architecture, our football clubs, music and our buzzing city centre. Liverpool’s beautiful buildings and history of our building’s structures encompass significant memories over the last 300 years of overlooking our City. Liverpool’s old medieval structures which once dominated the city’s skyline are now more or less non-existent as these buildings have become derelict and been demolished as the years have progressed. There is even a tour provided by a society of architects which allows tourists to our city to be given a first hand look at the exquisite designs which our buildings possess.


Merseyside Derby

Arguably the most important and defining passion of Liverpudlians is our football teams. The Merseyside derby is renown worldwide for being a fantastic rivalry within our city with a derby match which is watched by hundreds of millions around the world. Although in recent times it has become a fixture which is incredibly dominated by the red side of our city. Since Jurgen Klopp joined Liverpool the club has grown from strength to strength. From quality of player acquisitions to the style of play of the team Klopp has grown the gap between Liverpool and Everton to an even greater difference than before. Last season Liverpool made it to the Champions League Final and were defeated by Real Madrid after a nightmare performance by Loris Karius. Unfortunately, the competitive nature of the Merseyside derby is no longer anywhere near the previous extent that it used to possess, the derby is no longer a spectacle which fans used to greatly look forward to. However, this has not stopped the Everton fans still supporting their team in their droves and being incredibly passionate regarding their teams’ abilities. Over 85 thousand Everton and Liverpool fans flock to support their teams on a fortnightly basis which shows you the importance which football has in this city.


Music History

As everyone knows, the Beatles were formed in Liverpool and their route to superstardom began in the city. Music fans visiting the city are now able to visit Paul McCartney’s old house which he grew up in and where the Beatles group rehearsed during their early days. Iconic sights such as the pedestrian crossing which the band had an album cover shot on which became such a globally renown image has tourists queueing up to take their own photos on the street. This Beatles connection has laid the foundation for Liverpool to be such a significant hub for music lovers to visit and be a central part of the United Kingdom’s music scene.