What you can see at the Independent Biennial Art Event 2018

Every two years over 200 artists come to the Independent Biennial Art event. This art event happens across 75 venues all over Liverpool. The Independent Biennial art event will take place from 14th July until 28th October. Over these three months, there are great opportunities for you to see over 100 pieces of art. At the art event, there are a variety of things you can see. Such as:

  • Exhibitions
  • Live art performances
  • Street markets
  • Shops
  • Art project programmes

With plenty of things to see at this event, you can have an exciting day out with free entry for all the family.

Exhibitions at the Independent Biennial Art Event

At the Independent Biennial, you can see all types of art ranging from paintings, drawing, sculptures and models made out of metal, wood as well as plastic. Art events have great displays of art pieces for everyone to look at. This event is also great for artists as they are able to become more noticed by the public for the work they do. Artists can also get inspiration from each other’s work as there are so many artists that join the Independent Biennial each year.

Live Art Performances

art event artist painting

As well as amazing pieces of art to look at there are also opportunities for you to see live art performances. These performances are amazing to watch as artists are able to create a painting or drawing in front of an audience. This way you can actually get to see where artists get their inspiration from and how they are able to produce pieces of art.

Street Markets

art event painting brush

When events take place usually street markets follow suit. With street markets, you are able to get accessories ranging from pieces of clothing to shoes, equipment for your home and you can even try a variety of foods from many countries.

Art Programmes

With the Independent Biennial, art programmes are also available for people in the community to participate in. Artists from all over take part in projects that get people more involved in doing art. One of this year’s programmes aims is focusing on encouraging school children in the community to be more creative and take part in more artistic events. The work produced at these projects are shown at the event and give people more of an idea of what can be done at the Independent Biennial.