What Does Cosmetic Dentistry in Glasgow have to do with Liverpool?

So what does cosmetic dentistry in Glasgow have to do with Liverpool and the Independents Biennial? This may seem like a really vague connection, but we here at Independents Biennial are all about the obscure and undefinable.  You will throughout the article to follow, that there is a lot to take in from the connection we recently formed between these two seemingly distant entities.

Read on and find out what cosmetic dentistry in Glasgow has to do with Liverpool…

Forming Cultural Connections Ahead of Independents Biennial

Ahead of Independent Biennial, we also try to create a cultural connection with the cities across the UK. This allows us to meet new artists and explore concepts and galleries. Some of these, we may not have experience having stayed at home. Each time we head out on our cultural exchange, we make sure we experience something a bit different from the norm. This gives us a whole new experience to talk about and allows us to bring back different stories and outlooks. Although random, in this particular instance, we chose to look into cosmetic dentistry in Glasgow.

The Liverpool team meeting some Glasgow creatives before their experience of cosmetic dentistry in Glasgow.

The Event Teams Experiences Cosmetic Dentistry in Glasgow

Our events team are ever-dedicated about trying new experiences and learning new things on each of our trips. This allows each of them to have a real-world view as they have tried so many different things. They can bring these experiences to the table when we begin to plan the themes and subjects surrounding Independents Biennial.

The team decided to try a variety of different treatments while visiting Glasgow. They went for everything that cosmetic dentistry in Glasgow has to offer. We should note at this point, that the treatments we chose to have done were either planned well in advance or were purely cosmetic.

What We Thought of Our Experience in Glasgow

On returning home to Liverpool, we can summarise what we thought of our experiences in Glasgow. We truly loved everything that the world of arts there had to offer. As far as our experience with cosmetic dentistry in Glasgow was concerned, we found the whole experience revitalising. It was nice for many of us to indulge in something personal. In future, it may be easier for us to stick to cosmetic dentistry nearer home, but for this time Glasgow was the perfect host.

If you are ever looking for cosmetic dentistry in Glasgow, we fully recommend a trip to our kind friends at The Berkeley Clinic. Although they may have thought we were mad for participating in cosmetic dentistry in Glasgow as part of an art trip, they were more than welcoming. You can find out more about them via the link below:


Our Events Manager having her first experience of cosmetic dentistry in Glasgow.