The Lowlands & Rare Single Malt Whiskey Of The Future

The Rare Malt Whisky Company over the years have amassed a wonderful array of old and rare single malt whisky. The story of Scotch begins as early as the 15th century and every bottle we source has a significant place within our nation’s history.

The Lowlands in particular play a huge role in the Scotch whisky timeline due to its prime location for transportation between both Glasgow and Edinburgh. Through the Victorian boom, many distilleries were opened in the Lowlands, one of which was Rosebank. However by 1993, like many others of its kind, the distillery was mothballed and laid empty for over 24 years. It has increasingly been recognised as one of the big losses in the whisky’s rich history, previously being named as “the king of the Lowlands”. However, due to the revival of the whisky industry, Rosebank is being given new life by distiller and blender Ian MacLeod. This new beginning has spread a sense of pride and hope throughout Scotland’s Whisky distillers and enthusiasts, causing a moment of reflection and appreciation for the illustrious golden spirit. This moment has allowed us to reflect on our own special collection of Lowland whiskeys that contribute to the resurgence of the Lowland whisky Industry.

rare single malt whisky


Established in 1823, this lowland distillery is located between Glasgow and Loch Lomond overlooking the famous River Clyde, which was once renowned as the Scottish gateway to the world. This unique backdrop and triple distilled process makes their refined and smooth whisky special for not only the Lowlands, but within the country. Our Auchentoshan PX Sherry Distillery Exclusive Single Cask is hand-filled and matured in a Pedro Ximenez Sherry cask for a rich, sweet flavouring. An extremely special bottling; perfect for any malt whisky collection.


Inverleven was situated below the Highlands border near Glasgow, making it a Lowland rare single malt whisky. Built in 1938 it ran for 47 years before being decommissioned in 1985. Only a smattering of independent bottlings exist today, although stocks are undoubtedly rare. The building however remains a greatly admired and unique landmark on the band of the Clyde. Our Inverleven Signatory Vintage is a highly sought after, 27 year old bottle of Bourbon Barrel matured whisky.  Due to only 173 bottles ever being produced this collector’s item is one of our most special.


Springbank whisky distillers is one of Scotland’s oldest independent and family run distillery located on the Southern Kintyre peninsula. It is additionally one of the only distilleries you can visit that carry out the entire production process on premises, including tradition floor malting, maturation and bottling. This romanticised and authentic experience only deepens appreciation for the unique spirit and its history.

Our  21 year old Springbank Malt has become somewhat legendary amongst whisky drinkers and is one of our most famous. The nose is uniquely sweet with coastal undertones and dried tropical fruits from the rum cask influence, including banana, coconut and Demerara sugar. The palate is gentle and refined, molasses and apricots combining with cured meats, tobacco leaf and old leather. The long and gentle finish brings out Caribbean jerk seasoning with cayenne pepper, cinnamon and black peppercorn amidst soft smoky embers. It is a whiskey that will stand out in flavouring and history in any collection.

We hope you enjoyed our brief history of Lowland rare single malt whisky as well as feel inspired to continue to grow your love and collection of this iconic and historic spirit.

rare single malt whisky