Powered Pallet Stacker – The Festival Dark Horse

The Hidden Saviour Of Festivals- Powered Pallet Stacker

Powered Pallet Stacker

Within the gig and event industry there are an army of people working behind the scenes often into the early hours of the morning to get rigs setup , sets built and Fan villages constructed in time for festivals , concerts and open air events. One piece of equipment that is rarely seen nor mentioned is the Powered Pallet Stacker. This piece of kit can be used to lift goods weighing up to 500kgs.  The Powered Pallet Stacker has an advantage over other equipment such as hand carts as they can be used to lift large amounts of goods short distances throughout the area and onto trucks with ease. This can reduce the need for several people to be involved in moving goods from trucks and frees up staff to perform other tasks.  If you would like to source a Powered Pallet Stacker they can be made available from LLM Handling

Use In Warehouses

Powered Pallet Stacker

As well as in Festivals the Powered Pallet Stacker can also come into their element within a warehouse environment.  They  are designed to carry heavy loads around small and narrow spaces and can easily transport pallets through a warehouse with just one employee needed to operate it. In addition to this if using a Powered Pallet Stacker the operator will find that they  are motor operated so very little physical effort is needed to operate it reducing the risk of injury and increasing efficiency.

Benefits Of Pallet Stackers

  1. Overall the stackers are very manoeuvrable and compact meaning that they are easy to navigate throughout a crowded or confined work space whilst being able to move large goods.
  2. Powered Pallet Stackers can prove to be extremely durable as they can lift several tonnes of goods on a daily basis and have good reliability records
  3. Hand pallet trucks can hydraulically lift goods with the assistance of an operator. This greatly reduces the risk involved in this task and saves businesses money in days off for employees due to strained backs or muscles which can commonly occur when performing manual handling tasks without the right equipment or training
  4. There are a range of stackers to suit individual needs. From heavy duty to smaller and lightweight stackers.
  5.  Pallet stackers are comparably cheaper to alternative equipment such as the forklift and require very little if any training without compromising on safety or lifting ability.

Powered Pallet Stacker

Issues Facing Production Crews At Festivals

At festivals across the UK production crews face a number of issues whenever they are preparing for events or festivals which they need to overcome.  One such issue can be logistics. Festivals can be huge manpower drains and often require more staff than anticipated whether that be for cleaning or construction. The impact a Powered Pallet Stacker could have on such an event could be significant. Typically at events production crew tend to use forklifts and handcarts to move heavy goods about areas. This profession is associated with many work related injuries due to manual handling and unfortunately in some cases production firms fail to adequately train their staff in manual handling. Pallet Stackers significantly reduce this risk and also can be cheaper to acquire than forklifts and other alternatives.