Why You Should Visit Liverpool Now

Liverpool – a northern city in England who often refer to themselves as a country of their own right. The culture in Liverpool is something so unique and enticing. Here is why you need to visit Liverpool now!


Liverpool LOVE their football. In this city you’re either a blue (Everton) or a red (Liverpool FC). As much as this Merseyside derby can get heated it is very rare that you will see both supports enjoying a drink together – scousers put their love of football aside from the rivalry. Everton grounds – Goodison Park and Anfield – Liverpool’s stadium are extremely close by together with only Stanley Park separating them.  Everton originally played in Anfield and in 1892 were kicked out by Liverpool FC which forced them to move a mile along the road which has created the rivalry. There still is a lot of respect between fans and clubs in the Merseyside Derby. Unlike the Glasgow ‘Old Firm’ or Manchester Derby whose games are so violent and heated, you will see opposition fans sit amongst each other in the stands.

Glam City

In no other city will you see girls walk around town on a Saturday afternoon in their pyjamas and rollers in their hair. Saturday night in Liverpool is HUGE. Guys and girls make fashion statements all over the city. With their sharpest suits and bets dresses the scousers love to dress up. And why not?! There is an array for stylish and trendy restaurants and bars across the city. And if you love to dance there are plenty of night clubs across the city centre.

Iconic Music Scene

When you think of Liverpool you will probably think of the Beatles. With the famous Cavern Club capitalising on the Beatles success. However so many more successful band have came fro the Northern English city.