How Liverpool Football Club Have Used IT Support Glasgow To Grow Their Online Platform

Liverpool Football Club are not only a premier league football team but they are also a global brand. They have fans who support them from all over the globe, purchasing merchandise and watching games from all over the globe. In order to keep connecting with global consumer they need to use the Internet to do so. Here is how Liverpool Football Club hired IT Support Glasgow to enhance their global following.

Social media

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It is a marketing tactic that almost every single business in the world has used. It is free, engaging and can reach millions of people all over the world. Having an online presence is essential in todays market as people consumption habits have drastically changed. Social media is also a great way to connect with fan directly and gather invaluable market research.

E-Commerce Website

As mentioned before Liverpool have managed to accumulate fans from all over the world. With a well functioning e-commerce website that allows people to purchase merchandise online they can not only grow their profits but also their global reach. It means supports from Italy or America can purchase the latest kit or gifts for friends and family without having to travel to the stadium or risk purchasing a counterfeit good. Liverpool FC have been working with IT Support Glasgow to ensure their e-commerce website not only works but it also engaging and easy to use.

IT Support Glasgow

TV Contracts

Watching Liverpool games abroad can be difficult, therefore Liverpool are working closely with foreign sports tv station to ensure their fans can watch the games live.


One way football clubs are beginning to acquire global fans is by recruiting global talent. Recruiting talented players from Asia, South America for example will attracts new fans to the club who will hopefully purchase the kits and tune in to watch the games. The more fans a club has the more money it usually generates. And the more money it generates the more they can afford great players and win more games.

Stadium Tour

Liverpool recently re-launches Anfield – their home stadium in Liverpool. A brand new gift and merchandise shop was built on the grounds which was almost 10 times larger than the previous club shop. Here they installed a specialised shirt name printing station, coffee shop and retro store full of retro shirts and merchandise. As well as this a whole ‘football experience’ was built with small AstroTurf pitches for children to play mini games, a stage for Liverpool bands to play on before matches as well as bars and food stalls. The new ‘experience’ has attracted supporters and tourists from all over the world to visit.

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